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Welcome to CPM Canada (Certified Professional Mediators of Canada)


We provide information about mediation and access to accredited mediators in Canada.  Our role is to accredit mediators in Canada, and to review and maintain professional standards of mediators.  We also accredit mediation training courses to ensure participants are taught the essential skills of mediation.


As Certified Professional Mediators, we promote the amicable and fair settlement of civil lawsuits and disputes.  CPM Canada cooperates with other professional bodies to promote a culture of best practice and professionalism in mediation in Canada.


The aims and objectives of CPM Canada are to:

  • Assist the public, government, private and public sectors and professional bodies to resolve all types of conflicts, including but not limited to: Family, Estate, Contract, Employment, Shareholders, Construction, Real Estate, Intellectual Properties, Education, Personal Injuries, Community, Health Care, Sports, Environmental, Insurance and International;


  • Assist the public, government, private and public sectors and professional bodies to understand the potential and benefits of mediation;


  • Accept requests on mediation appointed by the public, government, private and public sectors and professional bodies on civil disputes and lawsuits;

  • Develop competent professional mediators, including accreditation and approval of mediation training programs;

  • Assist and support professional mediators in the process of mediation and to promote intellectual exchange among them;


  • Promote professional mediations to resolve disputes in the community.



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